We believe that our Mother Earth offers more earth-loving materials that we can fill our homes with.  We appreciate Earth's beauty and its wood and metal alternatives for your home. HempWood® and Copper


We LOVE HempWood®!

Traditional wood used for flooring and furniture like oak, hickory, and maple trees take hundreds of years to grow and these trees also provide homes and shelters to the animals in our forests. Their foliage keeps the ground cool and helps keep moisture in the soil.  When we use these trees as resources to furnish our homes, we contribute to damaging climate change and the habitat loss of species of all kinds.


What is hemp wood?

HempWood® is an engineered hard wood that is useful for interior building, furniture, flooring, and decorative products such as mirrors and shelves. HempWood® is made from cannabis plants with low THC content and is made by compressing hemp pulp fibers and strengthening the product with soy-based glue.  




One of the best features of hemp plants is its fast maturation.  Hemp plants reach maturity in just 120 days which means this can help keep trees in the ground.  Once hemp is harvested, a whole new crop can be planted and grown in another few months.  By using HempWood® as the alternative for home wood products, we can benefit humankind by reducing the devastating effects of deforestation and climate change.




We also LOVE Copper!

In today’s environment, it is necessary that we are cognizant of bacterias and viruses that enter and live in our homes.  Choosing the right metals, like copper, in our homes can help protect us from infectious microbes and offer better durability.


What is copper?

Copper is the 29th element on the periodic table and is a transition metal. This shiny, soft metal has a number of uses, and you may be surprised to learn how important it is to your health!



The metal is highly conductive of both electricity and heat, and many of its uses take advantage of this quality. Copper can be found in numerous electronics and in wiring. It is also used to make cooking pots and home decor. In addition to being useful in manufacturing, copper is also a vital dietary nutrient, although only small amounts of the metal are needed for well-being. It appears in several enzymes, facilitates the absorption of iron, and helps to transmit electrical signals in the body.



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